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12.05.2017: transport logistic 2017 Closing Report

Logistics: Digital and borderless into the future

  • Digital revolution was topic No. 1 at transport logistic 2017
  • “Logistics is an essential factor in prosperity”
  • Record participation, from all over the world

The digital revolution was topic No. 1 at transport logistic 2017, which took place from May 9 to 12, 2017 in Munich. Another much-discussed topic of the discussions was rising national protectionism which is a risk for international trade. The world´s largest sector gathering for the transport and logistics sector attracted a record number of participants.

“Networking—digital and across all borders—was the dominant theme at transport logistic 2017,” said Stefan Rummel, Managing Director of Messe München. “On show here are future-oriented technologies in self-driving vehicles, telematics, smart data and Cloud solutions.” Criticism was leveled at the protectionist tendencies of some nations. “Following Brexit and ‘America First’, the outcome of the election in France is a positive signal for the global logistics sector,” said Rummel, adding: “International exchange of goods, knowledge and ideas is an essential factor in prosperity.” The importance of this sector was also underlined at the opening event by Alexander Dobrindt, German Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure: “Logistics is and will continue to be a key factor in modern economies.”

Every company is a software company
With digitalization “logistics is on the threshold of the most exciting phase of innovation in recent decades—and as a result it is becoming even more important,” continued Dobrindt. “Developments such as online trade, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things mean more goods, more transport and more logistics.”

Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen explained in a panel discussion: “Every company has to become a software company, because software is a key factor.” Bernd Schwenger, Country Director Amazon Logistics, said that supply chain was the wrong word, “it should be called demand chain, the customer must be in the focus. The last mile is the biggest challenge in this.” In order to support the customers better, “these must also be prepared to share their data,” added Stefan Karlen, CEO of the Panalpina Group. And Stefan Buchner, a member of the Divisional Board of Daimler Trucks & Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Daimler AG, said: “Thanks to digitalization we are getting ever closer to our vision of seamless transport in the future. We are integrating all the processes and all those involved in transport.”

Record demand from all around the world
transport logistic 2017 is pleased to report record participation figures: 2,162 exhibitors from 62 countries showcased their products and services at the industry´s leading international trade fair, a rise of 5.4 percent. The number of visitors rose by 9.5 percent to 60,726 from 123 countries. The exhibition space covered by the trade fair grew to 115,000 square meters, all nine halls were fully booked.

New exhibitors from all around the world were on board, among them China Railway Container Transport, DP World, Heathrow Airport, Kerry Logistics and Maersk. In addition there were 17 national pavilions, from Bahrain to China and Slovenia. The top ten exhibiting countries, after Germany, were: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, UK, the Czech Republic, Poland and China.

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25.11.2014: European Carrier Award 2014 Plant Vitoria

Vitoria, Spain / Stuttgart, Germany – Daimler AG has recognized its best vehicle transportation partners on the occasion of its annual European Carrier Day. Around 100 European transport logistics partners were invited to the Mercedes-Benz van production in the Spanish city of Vitoria to discuss with Daimler's logistics experts current industry trends, challenges and optimization potentials in the cooperation.

Heiko Gaiser, Head of Global Transport Logistics, Daimler AG: "Transport logistics are one of the key levers for our success - without them, no vehicle would get from the factory to the customer. The performance of our transportation partners is therefore very important to us. Together, we are continuously working on making our global vehicle transports even more efficient and flexible."

As the best transportation partner 2014 in the passenger cars segment, the company Ernst Frankenbach GmbH from Mainz, Germany, was awarded for outstanding performance increases. The company looks back on a history of more the 100 years and had already scored one of the top positions in the European Carrier Awards in 2002 and 2009.

In the commercial vehicle segment, ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd from Carlisle, England, was recognized as the best vehicle transportation partner 2014. The company which has been active in vehicle transportation since 1979 had already won the 2011 European Carrier Award in the passenger cars segment and a special award for best overall performance in 2013.

This year's special award went to the logistics entrepreneur Horst Mosolf for his lifetime achievement. His company Horst Mosolf GmbH & Co. KG has been a long-standing partner to Daimler for more than 50 years. Following the foundation of the company in 1955, the family business from Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, has grown to become a global service provider with 2,000 employees at 25 locations in seven countries, who scored the top position in the European Carrier Awards in the passenger cars segment five times already.

The Daimler European Carrier Awards annually recognize the best partners in finished vehicle logistics for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The award is based on a uniform audit process which monitors and evaluates all vehicle transports in an integrated manner regarding transportation time, quality of vehicle shipping and general condition of the equipment used.

Source: Daimler AG

12.11.2013: European Carrier Award 2013

Daimler AG has honoured the performance of its logistics partners for complete vehicles and has bestowed the European Carrier Award 2013 on the best companies. The prizes were handed over yesterday by Heiko Gaiser, Head of Global Transport Logistics, and Egon Christ, Head of Global Transport Logistics for Complete Vehicles, as part of European Carrier Day, which this year was held at the Mercedes-Benz Kecskemét plant in Hungary.

Akkermann Transporte GmbH from Moormerland, Germany, was chosen as the best carrier in the field of complete passenger car vehicle transport. The company impressed with the best overall key performance, which has considerably enhanced since last year. Akkermann Transporte also proved to be particularly customer-oriented and it impressed with its highly trained employees.

The award for the best transport partner in the field of trucks went to Galliker Transport AG from Altishofen, Switzerland. Alongside the best overall performance and an equally strong improvement over the previous year, the particularly impressive factors were the good innovation profile plus the excellent environmental acceptability. Last year the company had highly complex tasks to solve in terms of the transport of commercial vehicles.

The best performance across all sectors in the past year was achie­ved by ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd from Cumbria, England. Overall the company displayed high quality in all the evaluated fields and this year became the recipient of the special award for "Best overall performance".

Source: Daimler AG

19.11.2012: Daimler announced European Carrier Award 2012

Stuttgart - As part of this year's European Carrier Day, Daimler AG has again awarded the best logistics providers in the transport of finished vehicles. Dr. Holger Scherr, responsible for the global transport logistics cars, trucks, vans and buses of Daimler AG and Egon Christ, head of worldwide transport logistics of vehicles at Daimler AG, presented the awards on 2012/11/19 in Mercedes-Benz passenger car plant in Rastatt .

"Together with our transportation partners, we have successfully completed a exciting year with many new products, not only in the section of cars for example, with the new A-Class, but also cope with the new delivery truck Antos on the truck side. Our product offensive is just beginning: In the coming years, we are expanding our product line further to include many fascinating new vehicles. Together we can master this challenge and continue to deliver on time and without damage our vehicles to our customers." Holger Scherr said.

The European Carrier Award for cars twas awarded his year for the 13th and the European Carrier Award trucks for the ninth time. Within a year, all vehicles with regard to transport damages, transport times, quality of vehicle shipping, and the general condition of the equipment used are consistently monitored and evaluated.

The Akkermann Transport GmbH from Moormerland, Germany, in 2012 is the most reliable partner for car transport. The decisive factor was the excellent result at the regular loading audits in the works, a minimum loss ratio due to consistently trained employees and a fleet of high quality and ecological state of the art.

In the truck category, the Company Braase (Fockbek, Germany) was awarded for the second time in a row. The decisive factor was their consistently high quality in transportation. In particular, the forwarding impressed by their reliability in the collection of the vehicles in the works and timely delivery at the dealership.

The special prize for the most innovative logistics partner received the Vega International Car Transport and Logistic GmbH from Ulm. The company is characterized by innovative training concepts for employees. A training film prepares them for the transfer of vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth on intensive and highly targeted. Similarly, Vega showed high level of expertise and great ingenuity in developing new transport protection measures to ensure that vehicles are not damaged in the transfer. Its customer orientation, the company also demonstrated through innovative solutions for complex projects.

The "Europen Carrier Day" offers space for dialogue on current issues, trends and future challenges within the transportation sector.
The event is regarded as the central forum of Daimler AG. Around 100 service providers have the opportunity to talk to experts and company representatives. 

Source: Daimler AG

07.12.2011: Daimler Presents European Carrier Awards 2011

ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd wins the award in the passenger vehicle logistics category 

Braase GmbH & Co. KG honored as the best transport partner for commercial vehicles

Special Lifetime Achievement Award presented posthumously to Willi Helf (+ 2011) from Helf Automobil-Logistik GmbH

Stuttgart – In 2011, the year that marked the 125th anniversary of the birth of the automobile, Daimler once again presented its European Carrier Awards to the best logistics providers in the area of complete vehicle transportation. The awards ceremony was held yesterday as part of the European Carrier Day 2011. Dr. Holger Scherr, who is responsible for Global Transport Logistics of Daimler Cars, Trucks, Vans, and Buses, and Egon Christ, who is responsible for Global Transport Logistics of Daimler Vehicles, handed over the awards in the Mercedes-Benz truck plant in Wörth.

“Our brand message of ‘the best or nothing’ fully applies to our vehicle logistics as well,” says Christ. “We can only completely live up to this promise if customers receive our vehicles in flawless condition and on time. This year’s prize-winners exemplify this philosophy in a particularly impressive way.”

First prize in the Passenger Cars category went to ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd from Carlisle in the county of Cumbria, United Kingdom. The company transports Daimler passenger cars in the UK. It was selected for the award because it put in the best overall performance. The firm’s success was based on flawless vehicle shipments, the on-time delivery of all vehicles, and an extremely well trained workforce.

In the Commercial Vehicles category, this year’s award was presented to the shipping company Braase from Fockbeck in Germany. In addition to shipping vehicles in a highly professional manner, Braase almost managed to deliver the vehicles without any damage. Both these facts greatly helped the company receive the coveted award.

This year’s Special Lifetime Achievement Award was presented posthumously to Willi Helf (Helf Automobil-Logistik GmbH, Germany), who died in August 2011. Helf’s personal and professional skills were greatly appreciated throughout the industry. Helf Automobil-Logistik GmbH was restructured in October 2001. Under Helf’s dedicated leadership from 2004 to 2009, the company claimed first place in the Commercial Vehicles category six times; it also came in third in the Passenger Cars category in 2008. The company received the awards as a result of its outstanding customer focus and an unmatched approach to quality management.

This year marked the 12th time that the European Carrier Awards Passenger Cars were presented while the European Carrier Awards Commercial Vehicles were presented for the eighth time. The logistics services providers are judged on the basis of specific key statistical values from an auditing process that was standardized for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in 2004. Continuous monitoring of all of the companies’ vehicle shipments is carried out over a one-year period. During this time, transport damage, transport times, the quality of vehicle shipping, and the general condition of the equipment used are all thoroughly evaluated.

The Daimler European Carrier Day 2011, at which the European Carrier Awards were presented, is the most important sector forum for the roughly 110 companies that transport complete vehicles for Daimler in Europe.

26.11.2010: Daimler announces European Carrier Awards 2010

German carmaker Daimler has announced the winners of its European Carrier Awards for 2010.

Daimler verleiht European Carrier Awards 2010

Andreas Renschler, Member of the Board of Managementof Daimler AG and Head of Daimler Trucks Division, and Egon Christ , head of worldwide vehicle logistics at Daimler, presented the prizes.

26.11.2009: German carmaker Daimler has announced the winners of its European Carrier Awards for 2009

German carmaker Daimler has announced the winners of its European Carrier Awards for 2009. The annual awards, now in their tenth year, are given to those companies the carmaker has recognised for providing the best finished vehicle service in Europe over the course of the year.

The event was held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim at an event called Daimler Vehicles Logistics in Europe in 2010 and was attended by representatives from approximately 100 vehicle transport companies. Dr Holger Scherr, head of worldwide transport logistics and Egon Christ, head of worldwide vehicle logistics at Daimler, presented the prizes.

“This year we are once again delighted to observe that our management model and our awards have motivated our partners to achieve outstanding performance,” said Christ. “We need partners who operate at the benchmark level so that our products are available everywhere exactly when needed and fault-free,” continued. “The art lies in finding the ideal balance in terms of costs, time, and quality. And that applies especially to our six prize-winners. I congratulate them for their success.”

First prize in the Passenger Vehicles category went to Swiss provider Galliker Transport, which impressed the jury with its “comprehensive high quality standards in vehicle transport as well as with the exemplary handling, storage and technology in its transshipment centre”.

In the Trucks category, the Essen-based company Helf Automobil-Logistik was once again honoured. Daimler recognised the company’s “exemplary logistics procedures and consistent quality focus in all Daimler-related transport processes”. Galliker Transport also featured in the Trucks category, taking second place.

The other winners in the Passenger Vehicles category were Frankenbach Automobil Logistik which took second prize. Third prize went to Günther Möhlmann Spedition und Kfz-Transporte of Neuenburg. The third-place prize in the Trucks category went to Polish logistics provider STS Centrum Dystrybucji Samochodów.

Over a one-year period, all the companies’ vehicle shipments were continuously monitored and evaluated with regard to transport damages, transport times, the quality of vehicle shipping, and the overall condition of the equipment used.

The Daimler Vehicle Logistics Europe 2010 event saw discussions focused on the changed levels of passenger vehicle and truck sales, the effect this is having on the transport sector, and how to appropriately respond to this situation.

30.11.2007: European Carrier Award 2007

Stuttgart 30.11.07 -  

European Carrier Award 

Mercedes-Benz Museum Untertürkheim.


23.06.2007: Review transportlogstic 2007

47,000 trade visitors: + 18 percent | 1,580 exhibitors: + 19 percent | 86,000 square metres of space: + 15 percent

Globalisation and booming business in the sector have been reflected in full at transport logistic 2007. This 11th International Trade Fair for Logistics, Telematics and Transport, which took place between 12 and 15 June 2007, attracted 47,000 trade visitors from 113 countries. This is a rise of 18 percent over the last transport logistic trade fair.

“transport logistic has recorded impressive growth in the numbers of exhibitors and visitors, and in exhibition space. It addressed all the trend themes – across international borders – that are affecting the sector,” said Eugen Egetenmeir, a Member of the Management Board of Messe München. Michael Kubenz, President of the Deutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband (DSLV) and Chairman of the Advisory Board of transport logistic, commented: “Logistics is in the overtaking lane worldwide. Never before has transport logistic had so many visitors, never before has this event been so international in scope.” This was also confirmed by the exhibitors side: “transport logistic has visibly achieved its goal of being the world´s leading trade fair for the sector,” confirmed Detthold Aden, President of the BLG Logistics Group.

After Germany, the top ten countries of origin among the visitors were (in number order): Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Slovenia. There was a noticeable rise in interest from the countries of east and southeastern Europe, and from the Middle East. Ram Menen, cargo boss of Emirates Airline: “transport logistic 2007 went extremely well. It united the multimodal world of transport and logistics.”

For more details about our fair-specials look at the newsletter: INFOLOG No. 1 (klick for download)

03.12.2006: European Carrier Award 2006

Daimler recognises excellent performance in vehicle logistics with their European Carrier Award since the year 2000. Among the logistics service providers for passenger cars, the suppliers for commercial vehicles were integrated into the procedure in 2004.

The 2006 award took place on December 1st in the Bremen Plant, were C-Class, CLK, SL and SLK are manufactured by about 13.000 employees.

This year's winners are:

Passenger Cars

1st : Horst Mosolf Intenationale Spedition
2nd: E.H.Harms Automobile-Logistics
3rd : Galliker Transport AG

Commercial Vehicles

1st : Helf Automobil-Logistik
2nd: Galliker Transport AG
3rd : Frankenbach Spedition

Stetter Consulting was significantly involved in the design of the award procedure and accompanies it annually. Even more important than the award itself is the underlying logistics-controlling-system based on four key performance indicators (damage-rate, collection-/transit-time-performance, loading-quality and the age of fleet). The intension is to achieve a continuous improvement of all service-providers involved in Daimler's vehicle logstistics.

30.10.2006: Homepage Relaunch

We revised our homepage. Not only the layout changed but also we can offer many new functions:

After registration, all members of the benchmark-community "Automobil Logistics" can get general informations about the activities, checklists and results.

On demand you can get some data about your projects (Checklists, Project-Managemetn, Results) via downloads in the extranet.

We also offer additional services like a fotogallery regarding logistics.

23.10.2006: ECG Automotive Logistics Conference 2006

On October 6th the ECG Automotive Logistics Conference took place in Vienna. Stetter Consulting was significantly involved in the set up of the round table discussion regarding the ten-points thesis to increase productivity in finished vehicle logistics. The following categories with potential have been discussed:

  • logistics strategies and concepts

  • process optimization

  • quality management

  • data integration and communication

Mr. Jens Rabien from Stetter Consulting joined in the round table discussion.

02.12.2005: European Carrier Award 2005

Sixth award ceremony of the European Carrier Award

On the occasion of the "European Carrier Day", celebrated in the  Conference-Center of the manufacturing facility in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim on 2nd December 2005, Daimler AG honored anew the best service providers in European transport logistics. The award ceremony for the European Carrier Award Passenger Cars was held for the 6th time this year and accompanied by the second award ceremony for the European Carrier Award Commercial Vehicles.

Ranking first in the European Carrier Award Passenger Cars is Werner Egerland  Automobillogistik GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück, Germany. During the course of  the last year, the company has been showing convincing performance due to its  excellent logistic processes and a higher-than-average standard of quality. Second and third ranks were awarded to Horst Mosolf GmbH & Co. KG  Internationale Spedition, Kirchheim/Teck and Akkermann Transporte GmbH,  Moormerland, both Germany.

The European Carrier Award Commercial Vehicles was awarded for the second  time to Helf Automobil-Logistik GmbH, Essen, Germany. Again, decisive factors were the exceptional logistic workflows together with the perfect quality  management that has been recognised last year already. Following on ranks two and three were Galliker Transport AG, CH-Altishofen, Switzerland and Werner Egerland Automobillogistik GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück, Germany.

Since 2004, there has been a consistent auditing process for both passenger  car and commercial vehicles transports. However, the assessment factors have  been further aligned in 2005. This approach by Daimler ensures  continuous auditing and monitoring of all vehicle transports. The auditing process focuses on transport damages, transport time, quality of car shipping, as well as general condition of equipment used. Compared to the previous year,  there has been further improvement regarding the already high level of quality.

During an early evening event, Mr. Stefan Röhrig, head of Mercedes-Benz  Classic, presented a comprehensive overview on the company’s history. In  addition to this year?s awarding ceremony, service providers were also given the  opportunity to gain detailed knowledge regarding Daimler's concepts and plans for vehicle logistic within the framework of an information fair. An interactive survey among service providers conducted in 2005, aimed at capturing the mood regarding current issues within the industry. The survey received  positive response throughout.

"During the past 12 months, we focused particularly on the further alignment of evaluation standards regarding the European Carrier Award for passenger cars  and commercial vehicles. Due to the successful cooperation with our authorised service providers, we have been able to achieve a high level of quality.  However, we will strive towards further improvement of this quality standard. One of the things important to us in this context is to develop a fair and long term partnership with our service providers. As an additional incentive, we plan to link pricing with the performance rendered in the future. Performance related  pricing is particularly important regarding today's demanding and  highly competitive business environment, as it signals fair and differentiated payment on the basis of individual efforts and performances," explains Egon  Christ, responsible for car transport logistics at Daimler.